The Toxic Substances Control Act and How We Can Help Your Business Meet the Requirements

Environmental & Turf Services can help you in several different aspects of environmental fate and risk assessment pursuant to TSCA. Generally, we can assist with TSCA Tier 1 (screening-level) and Tier 2 assessments of water quality and waste disposal impacts. We have specific expertise with E-FAST (Exposure and Fate Assessment Screening Tool) and its Probabilistic Dilution Model (PDM), ECOSAR (eco-tox predictions), EPI Suite (Estimation Program Interface Suite), AMEM (ADL Polymer Migration Estimation Model), the PBT Profiler (see main TSCA page), ChemSTEER (Chemical Screening Tool for Exposures and Environmental Releases), the OECD Toolbox, and related scientific assessments of chemicals targeted in the context of PBT assessments. We would also obtain data on related compounds for a “read across” analysis, particularly for toxicity.

Equally important, we have worked on environmental modeling and risk assessment issues for applications as diverse as luminescent phosphors, an ink-type substance, and a plasticizer oligomer. Environmental & Turf Services has decades of experience in environmental fate and risk assessment, which includes extensive experience representing clients before the EPA, in public hearings, and in trials.

If you have any questions about TSCA or if you would like to discover how we can help your organization meet compliance requirements, we invite you to give us a call at 301-933-4700 today.

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